ABC Angola-Fremont



Create more local business ownership.

Create connections to the world through innovation.

Create an unequaled quality of life.


From the farmstead to big business, you’ll appreciate our courage to think outside the box and make things happen. We call it fortitude. You’ll find us at the forefront of innovation and problem-solving.

In partnership with the City of Angola, Steuben County and Trine University, we are developing a progressive 21st Century Technology Park & Innovation Corridor. Our community is also developing the Northern Indiana Lakes Country Enterprise Center, a 70,000 square foot complex to contain co-working, training, and educational space.  These hubs of business ingenuity and know-how will:

• Link educational or research institutions with businesses.
• Provide infrastructure and support.
• Perform economic development.
• Create opportunity for entrepreneurship and investment.

For more information on our rural revitalization strategy go to the Steuben County Economic Development Corporation’s site here.