ABC Angola-Fremont



We are Northeast Indiana Semi-Finalist Badge

We are relentless in our pursuit of progress. We take calculated risks to grow and enact valuable change. We are determined to always shift difficulties into opportunities, and in our book that’s always good for business. We adapt, invent, and thrive. Join us in building the next chapter. Intelligent, Industrious, Evolving We’re proud that our history of taking calculated risks has resulted in such a prosperous today, while still preserving the past that built us. Our aptitude to innovate and adapt has fueled constant progress and generated visitor attractions. our blend of historic charm with modern ingenuity is something to see.

We are a Powerhouse

Centuries of staring down obstacles and coming out on top is cemented into our identity. We’re empowered people with no small measure of grit and determination to tackle the really big tasks. Trine University is a private institution established over 130 years ago by the hard-working and dedicated citizens of Angola. They worked relentlessly to insure an education legacy for future generations. Today, Trine has evolved into an engineering and business powerhouse that translates into a pipeline of inventive workforce.

We are Solutions

Angola and Fremont are firm in our foundation of resilient growth and progress. To secure a globally competitive future for businesses, we are putting into place a community-owned fiber optic network—Indiana Metropolitan Area Network or iMAN. With added miles of fiber optics, businesses can now move information as efficiently as our founders moved people and freight.  For more information on our area revitalization plans click here.